The new ultra affordable Eco Luggie has arrived. This means there are now three models to choose from in the Luggie range.

Eco Luggie folds exactly the same way as others in the series, with the same top spec engineering and functionality you'd expect from Freerider Corp. The main difference is the heavier lead acid batteries (SLA) weighing 10kg, as opposed to a lithium battery 2kg. However it's very easy to take the batteries out to reduce the weight when lifting your Luggie if needed, as the lead acid batteries sit in a battery bag in the battery tray of Eco Luggie.

You can still travel by air with your Eco Luggie as long as the SLA battery is insulated (unplugged). The battery should remain inserted in Eco Luggie in it's half folded position. That is with the chassis extended and the seat lowered. For a pictorial example for insulating the battery, refer to 'Luggie Gallery.'

So you still have all the portability benefits, at a lower price. I think Eco Luggie will prove to be a real boon, for budget conscious customers. Currently Eco Luggie is only available in red.


                             ECO LUGGIE