As we are a direct importer of Luggie, we are committed to stocking all the models and accessories available. There are now four luggie models to choose:


I am often asked "which Luggie model is best for me." Well, they all fold the same and have the same essential functionality. One of the main differences is the weight capacity. The new Super Luggie has a whopping 165kg weight loading and is wider than the other models providing more leg room and extra comfort than the other models. The standard Luggie has a weight load of 114kg and does not come with armrests, they are an optional extra. The top selling Luggie Elite comes with armrests and extra features, with a weight load of 145kg. Eco Luggie has heavy lead acid batteries weighing around 10kg, rather than a lithium battery weighing 2kg as on the other models.

It's best to check the model comparison chart on our specifications page for full specifications on the four models. If you're still a little confused why not call us for a chat?