One of the most common concerns for people researching on portable mobility scooters, is whether they can lift the scooter up to load into the car boot, and if it will fit.

When you think about it, it really is not surprising because the portable light weight scooter aspect is the reason to purchase a portable mobility scooter in the first place. This is where there is a massive point of difference with luggie, compared to other folding mobility scooters in the market. With the luggie scooter, you can make use of the leverage in the half fold position, meaning you’re effectively lifting half the weight of the mobility scooter. The way you do this is have the chassis extended (not folded), with the tiller folded down and locked into the chassis, with the seat lowered down. Pick up the front of the luggie scooter and position it against the lip of the car boot, with the end of the luggie on the ground. Then making sure the top of luggie is wedged over the lip of the car boot, and won’t roll down, lift the end of luggie from the ground leveraging the weight and roll it in. The luggie is the only portable mobility scooter available where you can do that. Other portables on the market fold in one action, so you’re left having to pick up the dead weight of the scooter. Believe me, this is a very valuable feature unique to luggie when loading in the car boot on a regular basis. 

The other concern will it fit in the car boot, is not an issue due to the compactness of luggie when fully folded. Even small hatch backs don’t present a problem and have sufficient room to transport your luggie scooter. 

Below is a picture of a luggie in the half fold position for reference. In addition check out our videos through our website showing demonstrations. 

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